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About ADMC

“We continue to build as a reliable construction partner with a high level of care and attention to quality, with a budget and milestone oriented attitude.”

Our Identity

Founded in Greece in 2004, ADMC has grown to become a reliable construction partner to global leaders in the industry worldwide.

We specialize in complex and prestigious Construction & Infrastructure projects. Our portfolio includes iconic landmark projects from Railways, Underground Stations, Stadiums, Airports, Motorways, and Building Works.

We provide Construction and Civil Engineering services, Architecture and Design, Real Estate Development, Human Resources, and Consultancy to a broad range of private and public sector clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, the USA, and the South East Asia-Pacific.

Your dedicated construction partner

After more than a decade, and with over 1500 employees, highly skilled technicians, and professionals in the forefront, ADMC has been transforming visions and ideas into day to day challenges, with a “can-do” attitude, delivering even the most complex projects on time and within budget, while maintaining safety in front of all.

We have learned that our collaborative experience in a variety of projects offers exceptional solutions and a high-quality end product that satisfies and exceeds the Client’s expectations.

The heart and soul of our business is our continued commitment to development and change. With that, we look forward to the future and all the challenges and opportunities that it will offer.

ADMC International

Building Your Visions, Creating Reality

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